Slow the blood in my veins..

New hat and shades and a day well spent. Also got a new baseball T and some khakis. Hey hey good day. Now it’s time to re-up.


If she bites your lip when you’re kissing her , dude you better grab her butt.

Only 8am and I’ve had a day to remember.

So much for going back to sleep. TJ is on her way. And SC is too good this early in the morning. Mmm.

Good morning and good night.

Good morning and good night.

Set an alarm to go off half an hour before hers so I could wake her up in the best way possible. If you know me at all - you know exactly what way I mean. Now she’s off to work and I’m going back to sleep. Ah, the life.

Sitting behind me sending me Snapchats down her shirt. Lol. My day is okay.

Turned my phone off to get some sleep and wake up to Ash and Zay at my front door. Making sure I’m actually sleeping I guess. Lol. Now we’re getting lunch at Dinos :) I was dead out twenty minutes ago.